SME Social Enterprise Award WINNER!!

Well hello all,

What a rough couple of years so far, and wowzers have we been busy, so much going on behind the scenes, however I can now officially give you the fabulous news that we have won an award, that is right Tomorrow's H.O.P.E has won an award, from SME News. Someone kindly nominated us, (whoever that was thank you) and well we won, we have been deemed 'The Best Holistic and Family Support Service 2021'. This award means such a huge amount to us here and it would not be possible without all the continued support of everyone out there. So this award we dedicate to everyone for all their continued support especially over the past 18 months and these ongoing times of uncertainty. 
Thank you. 

The link to our dedicated magazine article can be found here -  UK Enterprise Awards 2021 ( (Our article is on page 140)

P.S, Keep an eye out for more exciting news over the next few months!!

UNITED KINGDOM, 2021 – SME News Magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 UK Enterprise Awards.

After the tumultuous nature of the last 18 or so months, we’re now seeing businesses reap the rewards for their hard work and patience. Relative quiet has been greeted by a rush of announcements, of achievements being met left, right and centre. Growth, new products, new services, new markets, recruitment – it’s all happening for SMEs across the UK.

Now in its fifth year, the SME UK Enterprise Awards continues to recognise SMEs of all sizes who are endeavouring to bettering business in their industries. Whether it’s by nourishing rich internal cultures to promote employee satisfaction, by offering next-level customer service, or through an enduring dedication to innovative products – British SMEs are truly the lifeblood of the country’s economy and business landscape. Ultimately, and without question, they deserve to be recognised as figureheads of change, and drivers of creativity.

Award Coordinator Jessie Wilson took a moment to discuss the success of this year’s programme: “It is always a pleasure and a privilege to reach out to those that have been awarded in the SME UK Enterprise programme. One of the joys of these awards is realising the sheer talent and skill that permeates every inch of the British business sphere, across all industries and fields. I hope you all have a wonderful – and productive- rest of the year ahead and a fantastic 2022.”

SME News prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

To learn more about our award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best”, please visit the SME News website ( where you can access the winners supplement.